When Jane Major met Paul Flack, she was 29 and had three children. He was 36. They fell in love and lived together for 16 years, during which time they had a son together. Jane went from a size 12 to size 18. She lost much of the weight but was left with sagging skin and sagging breasts, besides a sun-damaged face and a “weak” chin she had never liked.

They were still in love and Paul proposed that they get married. Jane demurred, horrified at the prospect of trying on wedding dresses. For several years, Paul re-proposed and Jane re-demurred, but she began wondering what cosmetic surgery could do for her. She decided to have a tummy tuck and put her name on the waiting list.

Jane and Paul live in the U.K. where nationalized healthcare has created long waiting lists for surgery and made it extremely expensive. Jane waited for several years and then read an article about cosmetic surgery in other countries. Seeing that the prices were less than half of the U.K. prices, suddenly she was ready.

Will You Marry Me? — Yes
In 2005 she flew to South Africa for her tummy tuck and while she was there also had a breast lift. She was so pleased with the results that in 2006 she flew to Belgium for eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing. Paul proposed again and this time she said Yes.

With an engagement ring on her finger but still not feeling like proper bride material, she flew to Cyprus in 2007 for a facelift and a chemical peel. While she was there she had some liposuction done on the neck and chin area. This relieved her embarrassment about her chin. In 2008 she returned to Belgium for more liposuction around the waist and buttock areas. This took her down from size 14 to size 10.

Now Jane felt ready to try on wedding dresses and she agreed to a June, 2009 wedding. She rounded off her self-transformation by having her teeth whitened and getting some BOTOX® injections and in June of this year, she and Paul took their vows.

Over a hundred astounded friends and family watched her walk down the aisle. Her old school friends did double-takes and wondered if they were at the right wedding. Paul said, “I loved her and wanted to marry her as she was. I waited years to get her down the aisle but Jane’s worth the wait.”

Jane replied, “Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day but when you’re 45 and a mother of four you have to work that little bit harder to look your best.”

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