Earlier this month, a plastic surgery team at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital (BWH) in Boston performed a partial face transplant. They replaced the entire midface:

  • Nose
  • Hard palate
  • Upper lip
  • Skin
  • Muscles for facial expression

The team included seven plastic surgeons and an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, as well as nurses and anesthesiologists. They spent 17 hours without any break on this surgery and were watched by many medical residents.

This is just the second facial transplant ever done in the U.S. The patient has chosen to be anonymous and will not be given any interviews. It is not known what caused the need for a facial transplant.

What made it all possible was the generous donor family. The New England Organ Bank talked with the donor family and obtained their consent. Face donations require family consent. Other donation types require only that the donor be registered, and this information can be on that person’s driving license.

History of Organ Transplants

BWH has been a leader in transplant surgeries and has acquired a worldwide reputation. They started in 1954 with a kidney transplant, donated by a man to his brother. That was performed by one Dr. Joseph Murray (and his team), who in 1990 received the Nobel Prize for medicine.

Now kidney transplants are often performed. BWH did 100 kidney transplants in 2008. Since 1984 they have performed 560 heart transplants.

Organ transplants are major plastic surgery done for health or survival reasons. Cosmetic surgery is plastic surgery done for cosmetic reasons. At the Cosmetic Surgical Center, Dr. Rai offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries, on the face, breast and total body, for both men and women. Some are non-invasive, such as the popular facial fillers and BOTOX®.

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