Thousands of people make the choice every year to change some aspect of their body with cosmetic surgery. One of the most important parts of this decision is choosing a doctor who will improve the way you look without changing the unique aspects of your appearance.

When patients come to our Dallas, Texas cosmetic surgery office, we want them to be sure that their plastic surgery will not completely change the way they look. For instance, if you come for a facelift, Dr. Rai will evaluate your facial contours and develop a facelift plan that will smooth lines and creases to enhance your individual face rather than change it to another face.

The celebrities we see in the news who have had multiple plastic surgeries year after year are not representative of most cosmetic surgery patients. Perhaps they are using their vast amounts of money to chase after some ideal they want to embody, or to stop the aging process, but ideals of beauty change, and aging cannot be stopped.

The wise way to approach cosmetic surgery is to become educated about the procedures you are considering, to choose a fully qualified and ethical surgeon, and to discuss all the issues with him or her until your best choice becomes clear. Each of us is individual and while a breast augmentation may be right for another person, a breast lift may be all that you need, once you understand what a breast lift can do for you.

if you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas area please contact plastic surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai to schedule a personal consultation.