At the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas we too often have teenagers who come to us looking for ways to improve their appearance. Some ask about having breast implants, others are interested in improving their nose with a rhinoplasty, and some would like to reduce their weight through a liposuction procedure.

They want to fit in better at school, become more popular with the other sex, or look like some of the people they see on television.

One reason teens should not have cosmetic surgery is that they are not mature enough to decide whether a permanent cosmetic procedure is right for them. Cosmetic surgery can change the way you look for the rest of your life, and the stress and turmoil of adolescence is not a good frame of mind for making such a decision.

Another reason is that teenagers don’t always realize that the body can continue to develop well into the twenties. Facial structure, breast size, and overall proportions may still be changing at the age of 17. It would be wiser for adolescents to wait, and perhaps to become less self-critical. A better diet and more exercise would also help in many cases.

If you live in the Fort Worth or Dallas, Texas areas and are considering cosmetic surgery, please contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rai to schedule your initial consultation.