Several recent news reports items have reported an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures in the current “slumping” economy. This includes increasing numbers of men who have been laid off and want to look more vigorous and youthful in their upcoming job interviews.

Eyelid surgery and liposuction have been among the most-demanded surgeries, as men have been working on eliminating the evidence of fatigue and ill-health.

“No-one wants to hire someone who looks fat, tired and unhealthy,” said one patient featured in one of the news reports. This man had facial liposuction for his double chin and a skin rejuvenation procedure to reduce wrinkles. That was after he first had a gastric bypass to deal with obesity.

Male hair transplants and chin augmentation are also in greater demand. The period between being laid off and interviewing for another job is a good downtime for cosmetic surgery, as it gives time for complete recovery before you have to “show your face” again.

Competing With Younger People?

When experienced employees have to go job searching and compete with younger people, their experience in itself may or may not be an advantage. Many companies prefer to hire people who look young and healthy because it is part of the company’s overall image.

BOTOX is another popular procedure. At The Cosmetic Surgical Center we offer several excellent facial fillers, but BOTOX works differently. It achieves smoother, younger-looking skin but instead of doing that by depositing a support substance beneath the skin surface, it does it by paralyzing a specific muscle.

The BOTOX injections are most often made into the frown muscle to prevent it contracting. The nerve message coming from the brain is blocked, keeping the muscle relaxed. This smoothes out the frown lines — more so as you have repeat treatments. The same effect can be achieved on horizontal forehead lines by injecting BOTOX into a different muscle.

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