Last week, I wrote about the role of idealized breasts in fantasy texts, and along these lines, we might consider the exhibit currently going on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, entitled, Superheroes:Fashion and Fantasy. According to the curator, Andrew Bolton, “at the heart superheroes are issues related to the body, identity, and transformation, and these are all issues that are so critical to fashion.” The exhibit explores the different ways that superheroes serve as metaphors for fashion and its ability to transform the body. The curator further says, “I think a lot of the connections we are making in the exhibit are not as immediate, they are more conceptually driven, but nevertheless there is still a strong synergy between the concept of the superhero and the concept of fashion,” but if the concept of the superhero and fashion have “a strong synergy,” the synergistic tie between the superhero and cosmetic surgery must be far stronger.

Transformation of the body is a key metaphorical trope in the superhero genre.Superman’s episodic transformation from mild-mannered Clark Kent into the superheroic figure of Superman that is highlighted in the series, and is characterized by a fashion change from a uniform of concealment to one of revelation.Superman’s form-fitting costume displays his embodiment of the ideal of masculine form, from the orthogonal chin to the huge pectorals to the toned abdomen to the muscular calves.Similarly, Wonder Woman transforms from the modest Diana Prince, in her WAC uniform, to the Wonder Woman costume, with its push-up bustier, that significantly augments the appearance of her breasts.

These are all DC Comics characters, whose changes are largely costume changes.On the other hand, Marvel superheroes, largely undergo a bodily transformation, such as the Hulk or the X-Men, whose mutant powers evidence themselves during puberty, the same time women develop the curvy figure with breasts, waist, hips, and buttocks.

Cosmetic surgery cannot give you super-powers, but it can create an alter-ego, one whose improved appearance can make you feel like a man of steel or a wonder woman.

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