There are a number of interesting theories about beauty, and, although none of them are “authoritative,” they can all be useful for conceptualizing your cosmetic surgery by design.Theories of beauty typically group characteristics together in ways that are pleasing to the eye, but not necessarily identical.

One theory utilizes four different types of beauty, based on whether your body is angular or rounded, and whether it is primarily top-heavy or bottom-heavy, then refines the four basic beauty styles into twenty different types of beauty.Once you understand your basic body type, you can select an appropriate ideal that is at once reachable and attractive, allowing you to get the best results harmonious with your natural gifts, and to look out for the particular hazards of weight gain for your body type.

Gamin type body from the French word for street urchin, women with this type of body have what might be described as delicately angular bodies.They are generally short and have small shoulders and breasts, delicate hands and feet.Women who don’t quite achieve gamin type beauty generally do so because they have extra weight. Liposuction is often a good procedure to achieve the delicate build of the body.

Romantic type body indicates a woman with delicately rounded features.They are generally average height or slightly below, with small chests and very defined waists and delicate facial features.Women who are close to the romantic type often miss with facial features that are slightly off, such as a nose that is just a little too large, which might be corrected with rhinoplasty, or with additional weight in the hips, thighs, and buttocks that can be addressed with liposuction.Some women of this type can achieve a balanced body type with breast augmentation that allows their breasts to balance their hips.

Natural type body is also known as a strongly rounded body.With a wide face, wide shoulders, large chest and moderate hips.Women with this body type often miss being attractive because they have very flat buttocks, which can be addressed with buttock augmentation.Another common problem is thin lips, which can transform the expression of the face from wise into severe, but can be corrected with lip enhancement.As women of this type body age, facial sagging can be a big problem, as their wide faces can become very jowly, but this can be addressed with a face lift.

Dramatic type body, or strongly angular body, is a woman who is tall, with wide shoulders, a long face, medium breasts, defined hips, and largish buttocks.Too much weight loss can make these women look bony.On the other hand, weight gain tends to accumulate at the hips, making the woman’s breasts tend to look even smaller.Breast augmentation can also be a helpful procedure for these women, and plumping the features of the face can also be advantageous.

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