We have all seen media photos of people like Michael Jackson who had too much cosmetic surgery, and nobody wants to look “fixed” or “done” after their cosmetic procedures. We just want to look more youthful, more attractive, or better proportioned, with no visible evidence of having had anything done to effect that improvement.

Looking Natural

If you choose a properly-qualified and experienced surgeon, you can expect to look natural afterwards. Part of achieving natural results is being a good candidate for the procedure you are having, and the best plastic surgeons screen their patients carefully. Dr. Rai will spend time with you, explaining how various procedures can meet your goals and why one might be better in your particular case than another.

Besides being a good candidate, choosing the right procedure is crucial. Some women come to The Cosmetic Surgical Center wanting breast enlargement, but after they learn more about their options, they realize that they really only need a breast lift to achieve the contours they want.

In other cases, discussion with Dr. Rai may lead a person to realize that a non-invasive procedure such as a facial filler is more appropriate for them than a facelift. This is a matter of good patient education, and Dr. Rai, along with his entire team, is convinced that the best cosmetic surgery patient is a well-informed one.

Looking More Like Yourself

Part of being well-informed is having realistic expectations for your cosmetic surgery. No surgery can change who you are; it can just change some aspects of what you look like. There are news reports of teenagers or young adults wanting plastic surgery to make them look like some movie actress or TV star; that is not a good way to approach cosmetic surgery, aside from the issue of how that teen will feel when the movie star has been discredited or gone out of fashion.

Recovering Well

A well-informed patient knows that the surgeon’s post-op instructions must be followed exactly. Dr. Rai gives you printed directions for your self-care during recovery, and you ignore them at your peril. They are designed to maximize your cosmetic results and your recovery comfort. There will be a series of follow-up visits so Dr. Rai can check your progress and catch any problems early. All surgery brings risk and by following your recovery instructions, you can reduce all risk and emerge with the enhanced appearance you wished for.

If you have had the right procedure done by a superior cosmetic surgeon, for improvement rather than transformation, and have managed your recovery according to directions, you are virtually guaranteed to be delighted with the results.

The first step towards enhancing your appearance and looking more youthful is to schedule a free personal consultation with Dr. Rai. Please contact our Dallas and Fort Worth office today.