Sometimes people ask this question, and the answer isn’t straightforward, nor is it exactly meaningful. A lot of times, people want an answer that will say something like, “you’ll look 10-15 years younger,” because this is a simple calculation. Though a face lift does turn back the clock, it doesn’t turn it back in any uniform, numerical way that can easily be put into numbers, because aging, especially facial aging, does not work this way. Consider that if facial age were a simple matter of numbers, few people would want a face lift because 35 would always look 35 and 50 would always look 50. Instead, the aging in our face happens at a different pace for everyone and as a result everyone is likely to get a different scale of results from a face lift.

The most dramatic transformation for face lift patients is seen when you have sagging tissue in your face. This can be seen as many different types of local changes in facial appearance. It can be jowls, excess skin and fat in the neck, changes in the contour of the cheek, sagging brows, or hanging and puffy eyelids. These benefit from surgical procedures such as the face lift, which targets the lower two thirds of the face, a brow lift, which focuses on the upper third of the face, or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) that helps rejuvenate your eye area.

During your consultation, we will examine your face and make recommendations about the combination of rejuvenation procedures that will be best for you. We also encourage you to bring in pictures of when you think you looked your best, and we can let you know how close to that you can become.

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