Last week, the plastic surgeon who operated on Moammar Gadhafi in 1995 came forward. Although the media reported heavily on this revelation, it generally missed the main thing we should take from the news: when your plastic surgeon recommends a facelift, you should take his advice and get one.

In 1995 when Gadhafi consulted with Brazilian plastic surgeon Liacyr Ribeiro, the leader stated a rationale for plastic surgery very much like many men. According to the surgeon, “He told me that he had been in power for 25 years at that time and that he did not want the young people of his nation to see him as an old man.” To rejuvenate his appearance, Ribeiro recommended a facelift. However, Gadhafi refused, opting instead for a fat transfer that took fat from his belly and injected it into his face. Now, fifteen years later, the results are clear. Facial sagging, puffiness, and jowling all combine to give the leader a prematurely aged appearance.

As a dictator ruling in part through terror, Gadhafi may have had reason to fear going under anesthesia, but you have no such excuse. BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial fillers can both give good short-term results, but if you consult with a plastic surgeon who recommends a facelift, it is because the symptoms of your facial aging cannot be addressed by other means.

If you are unhappy with the aged appearance of your face, and would like to learn more about the best options for rejuvenating your appearance, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas today.