In general, there is no upper age limit for undergoing plastic surgery, as long as you are in good general health. However, there have been some who have expressed concern that elderly patients are more likely to suffer serious complications, especially from a procedure like facelift, which is normally performed under general anesthesia. A recent study has shown that patients over age 65 are not inherently more likely to suffer serious complications.

The study looked at 216 facelift patients, 148 of whom were below the age of 65 (average age 57.6) and 68 of whom were over the age of 65 (average age 70.0). Although the elderly patients experienced more major complications, they experienced fewer minor complications, and overall neither difference was significant, showing that age alone is unlikely to be a major factor in a person’s risk factor for complications following facelift.

The study’s authors do note that the elderly patients were more carefully selected to ensure they were healthy enough for surgery. If you are considering a facelift, you need to work with a surgeon who will be suitably cautious in recommending your procedure.

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