In the 1990s, a number of sociobiologists (or evolutionary anthropologists) proposed that the most average face would be considered the most attractive, and to prove it, they had test subjects rate digitally averaged faces against real faces, and determined that in virtually every case the average face was chosen over the non-average faces.Although subsequent research has shown that the attractiveness of the average face is dependent on the attractiveness of the source faces, the research demonstrates a powerful truth: symmetry and an even skin tone are two of the most important features in making a face attractive.

In addition, research shows that the following characteristics are important for making a face attractive:

  • Narrower face, and, for men, a narrower lower half of the face than upper
  • Proper distribution of fat allowing good definition of chin, neck, and cheek
  • Fuller lips
  • Higher cheek bones
  • Narrower nose (for women)
  • Prominent lower jaw and chin (for men)
  • No receding brow (for men)
  • Thinner eyelids
  • No bags beneath the eyes (for women)

If you feel that your face is unattractive, it may be due to one, some, or all of these features.However, it is crucial to keep all these features in mind when undergoing cosmetic surgery, and try to harmonize the overall effect.Thus, for a woman considering facial implants to make her cheekbones higher and slightly more prominent, Dr. Rai will ensure that the implants do not accidentally make her face seem too wide.

During your consultation, you can talk about the features of your face that you feel make your face unattractive, and Dr. Rai can recommend a combination of procedures that will address as many of these issues as possible.Please contact the Cosmtetic Surgical Center today to set up your consultation.