The natural aging process can bring about a number of unpleasant changes to your facial features. One area in particular that displays significant change is the neck region. You may develop loose sagging skin, wrinkles, and accumulate excess fat.

The neck will develop these early signs of aging as you get older or go through some form of significant weight loss. It may also be a direct result of your genetics. Some may try to commit to a new exercise routine or diet plan, but these methods alone don’t always work in your favor. But you can finally put your worries aside, because there’s a surgical solution to your problems.

The neck lift is the perfect procedure for people who want to improve the signs of aging in the jawline and the neck. It can refine the contours of your neck by removing any excess skin in the area and tightening the underlying muscles. It can also be combined with liposuction to eliminate any excess fat deposits that reside in the neck.

The Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift can help revitalize your neck by eliminating excess skin and tightening weakened muscles in specific areas of your neck region. Some people may only require removal of excess skin while others may only require tightened muscles.

During a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you can go over what you want to improve and how you would like to look after. Your doctor will analyze your body and develop a surgical plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Once the details are sorted out, your journey to a more refined neck can begin!

Combining the Neck Lift with Liposuction

Even people with normal, healthy weight may accumulate excess fat in the neck area and develop the dreaded double chin. This is a common occurrence in people of all ages, but by combining a neck lift with a liposuction, you can get rid of the excess fat.
Liposuction is a surgical technique that involves making an incision to gain access to the underlying fatty tissue. Your doctor will then utilize a cannula to remove any excess fat and recontour the neck area. It is a highly effective procedure.

The Benefits of Combining a Neck Lift with Liposuction

If you find that you have excess loose skin and fatty deposits that are giving you an unpleasant look, then a neck lift combined with a liposuction is a possible solution. By combining both procedures, you can give yourself the revitalized look that you have always wanted. They can address multiple problems at the same time!

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, you’ll also save yourself from the long recovery of having to go through both procedures on two different occasions. You can talk to your doctor during your initial consultation to find out more details about the surgery and if you would make a good candidate.

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