Those who view cosmetic surgery simply as a deed often miss the bigger picture. Successful cosmetic surgery is a process and not a deed. Viewing its goal as a singular deed rather than a process misses the bigger picture, akin to missing a forest while simply looking at a tree.

This applies to all cosmetic surgeries small to big, limited to extensive in their scope.

In upcoming blogs I will elaborate this very point as it applies to many different cosmetic surgeries.

Let us start with the most common cosmetic surgery, the surgery of Breast Augmentation.

Although the deed is as simple as choosing an appropriate sized breast implant and placing it on the patient’s chest in front or behind the muscle. This process actually starts with the patients desiring certain look based on varying, but multitude of reasons, each unique in themselves.

Those who chose to do it for their own desires will succeed in achieving their goals. Those who will do it to please someone else will fail.

It is thus important for the surgeon to understand reason behind each patient’s desire and not simply the desire.

Having successful breast augmentation in itself a start of new journey. It is likely, almost a certainty, that a patient who has breast implants will need future surgeries for their maintenance. Patients need to understand it and surgeons need to stress it.

Breast implants after augmentation surgery also become a part of patients living breasts anatomy. Implants are witness and participants to all future issues related to breasts whether it is breast exam, mammogram, pregnancy or breast feedings. All these events affect breasts as well as implants.

Thus deed of breast augmentation joins the process that started with patient’s desire to have fuller breasts and then never ends as long as implants are part of patient’s body.