Wind and cold are harsh for the skin and we’re facing several months of it coming up. If you already have some skin dryness, or even if you don’t, it will help keep your skin in better shape if you take some winter precautions.

The following tips are basic and easy to implement, and will help counteract winter’s aging effects. Facial skin is especially sensitive, being exposed to the elements while the hands are gloved, neck is wrapped, and the entire body covered.

Tips for Winter Skin Care

  • Use a good moisturizer daily, at least once. The face can be moisturized morning and night and the hands any time. If your skin is extra sensitive choose a moisturizer with no lanolin. In general, a cream moisturizer is more effective than a lotion.
  • When cleansing the skin, be gentle and try not to remove the natural moisture. Rather than scrubbing or using any type of standard soap, use a specially-formulated facial cleanser which does not dry the skin. The torso, arms and legs do not need to be soaped every day, but can be just rinsed some days.
  • Use warm water rather than hot water, even though in winter a hot bath or shower is gratifying. The hot water will dry the skin out further. After bathing or showering, just pat the skin dry rather than rubbing. Many people use a mineral oil or petroleum jelly type of moisturizer to seal in moisture.
  • Use a humidifier, or more than one. You could even just simmer water on the stove although that may mist up the windows. The skin repairs itself as we sleep so night is a good time to turn on a humidifier.
  • Use a lip balm when outdoors, especially if it is windy. Use one with a sunscreen.
  • You may want to jog or run according to your exercise routines, but be aware that severe cold can cause skin problems, and even frostbite. A mineral oil moisturizer on the face could help.
  • Continue using your sunscreen through the winter, with a protection factor of at least 15. Shorter exposure times still add up and cause sun damage, even in winter.

No extra time or energy is needed for implementing these tips. A few daily habits are all that is needed, and you can protect your skin from winter withering and stress.

Please contact our office if you would like to learn more about skin rejuvenation. We offer a variety of facial fillers which are quick and simple ways to restore some lost youthfulness.