Some people fail to achieve a flat tummy even after constant exercising. This is due to the deposition of stubborn fat that is resistant to diet or exercise. In some cases, these are mothers who are looking to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies. Their bodies have changed through their pregnancies, and they now have a lot of loose skin, drooping muscle tissue, flab, and stretch marks.

The people mentioned above make excellent candidates for a cosmetic procedure called abdominoplasty, also known as the tummy tuck. This procedure is a surgery that helps sculpt and contour the patient’s abdomen.

During the procedure, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscles in the patient’s abdominal wall. A tummy tuck is different from liposuction, which is a procedure where only fatty tissue is removed from areas like the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

Who Should Choose to Undergo a Tummy Tuck?

Healthy women and men can choose to undergo the surgery if they are looking to achieve a flat abdomen. After the childbirth process, mothers experiencing loose excess tissue find this to be a perfect solution. Abdominoplasty is also an excellent option for people who were earlier obese. These people might still have deposits of excess fat around their abdomen, as well as a lot of loose skin.

The tummy tuck is not a good idea if you plan on having children later, as pregnancy can separate the vertical muscles that were tightened during the tummy tuck surgery. The surgery is also not ideal for people who are looking to lose a lot of weight, since the procedure is not an alternative to weight loss.

How to Choose the Right Tummy Tuck Procedure for You

Your plastic surgeon will tell you that there are two main tummy tuck options that focus on different concerns.

The classic “full” tummy tuck: This surgery is meant for people who have excess folds of skin and fat around their abdomen. Here, a curved horizontal incision is made from hip to hip, and then excess skin is removed, abdominal muscles are tightened, and excess fat and stretch marks are removed.

The mini tummy tuck: This is suitable for people who want to get rid of a small amount of fat, remove a little bit of loose skin, and/or tighten muscle tissue to a smaller degree. The mini tummy tuck specifically focuses on the lower abdomen. This technique will involve only a single incision, through which the surgeon will pull together loose muscle while removing excess skin. It is less invasive than the full tummy tuck.

Now that you know the different kinds of abdominoplasty techniques available, discuss them with your plastic surgeon so you can decide on your ideal tummy tuck procedure. They will assess your condition and give you the best advice regarding the surgery, its effects, potential complications, and recovery time.

Set Up an Informative Consultation

If you’re looking to undergo abdominoplasty, the first thing you should do is meet with an experienced plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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