Last week we looked at the statistics on plastic surgery procedures, which showed that liposuction procedures jumped by more than 50 % from 2006, an astounding increase, comparable to the meteoric rise of noncosmetic procedures, taking over the spot of top cosmetic surgery procedure from breast augmentation, despite the significant increase in that procedure (21 %) as well. What is responsible for this dramatic increase? Most likely, there are several good reasons, including:

  • An “obesity epidemic” in America. Liposuction is not recommended for obese patients, but the obesity epidemic is not just an increase in obesity, but a significant weight increase pretty much across the board, meaning that there are many people slightly overweight who may have some stubborn fat deposits they want to get rid of.
  • Media promoting the “epidemic.” Big media outlets, ever on the search for ways to avoid reporting real news, leaned heavily on the obesity epidemic in 2007. The increasing weight of Americans was tied in with segments on diet and exercise, making people more self-conscious about their weight. For people unable to get the figure they wanted despite diet, exercise and weight loss, liposuction became an important tool for body contouring of love handles, bingo wings, and muffin tops.
  • The upsurge in male cosmetic surgery. Although breast augmentation is a procedure for women only, liposuction profited from the increase in men seeking cosmetic surgery. This trend is expected to continue, as liposuction is ideal for treating the “beer gut” men have such difficulty getting rid of.
  • Liposuction is a safe, effective, and long-lasting procedure.┬áThe distribution of fat cells in the body is set around puberty, so when you remove them from one area or another, you may alter the distribution of fat in the body. This does not, of course, mean that people cannot get fat following liposuction, but it does mean that following liposuction you will see long-lasting results, so long as you maintain your weight.

Of all the reasons, the last is probably the most significant. When people see the results others have with liposuction, including how long they last, it works as the best possible advertisement for the procedure.

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