Surgical liposuction is totally different from newly advertised spa procedures that are often advertised these days. The effectiveness and predictability of non-surgical alternatives to liposuction is questionable. You need to be aware that non-surgical “lipo” procedures are not the same as liposuction and do not accomplish the same thing. Surgical liposuction is targeted, predictable and effective.

Liposuction vs. Spa Treatments

Plastic surgeons have been performing liposuction for cosmetic enhancement for decades. We know how to precisely target treatment areas, and what the results will be.

Liposuction reduces fat cells. Although we strongly encourage our patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in order to continue enjoying the full benefits of the procedure, the proportions of your body should stay the same with minor weight fluctuations after liposuction.

Non-surgical alternatives to liposuction do not remove fat cells. Generally, a laser is used to “shrink” fat cells by encouraging the cells to release fat, which your body must then remove. Any weight gain and the fat can simply return to those fat cells, so the results may not last. And, because your body stores toxins in fat as a protective mechanism, those toxins are dumped into your body when the fat is released, so your body not only has the job of flushing out the fat, but also has to handle those toxins.

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