Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, the manufacturer of Perlane and Restylane, has given up on trying to expand into the medical device arena. It has sold its subsidiary, Medicis Technologies Corporation, whose primary purpose was the development of a liposuction alternative device called LipoSonix.

LipoSonix is a liposuction alternative treatment that promises to dissolve fat noninvasively using ultrasonic waves. Its clearance by the FDA proved more difficult than presumed by Medicis when it purchased the company, according to industry analysts. The reason for the additional difficulty may have been concerns about the potential for dangerous dissolved fats in the bloodstream after treatment, poor results, additional scrutiny on devices seeking 510(k) approval, or other related factors.

According to industry analysts the device was approved on Thursday, September 15, but the FDA has not yet published documentation relating to the device’s clearance for marketing.

Medicis did not give a reason for the sale of the technology company, which was, according to industry analysts, not a profitable transaction. It is likely that, similar to other liposuction alternatives, the results were not as good as initial hype promised, and the company decided to return to its core business, injectable fillers and acne treatments. One definite factor in Medicis’ decision, though, was the existence of numerous similar competing devices.

Although many people are eagerly marketing liposuction alternatives, when you consider their results, you will see that none of them delivers the same quality and consistency of results as liposuction in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

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