July is National Bikini Month. Considering plastic surgery before your beach vacation? Here are some common cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate your curves:

Breast augmentation: Creating an appealing overall breast appearance, breast augmentation increases breast volume and restores a pleasant breast shape.

Tummy tuck: Popular among men and women alike, a tummy tuck can eliminate the sagging skin around your midriff. Tummy tucks are especially beneficial following significant weight loss.

Liposuction: If you have pursued a healthy, active lifestyle and are enjoying the benefits of a healthy body, you may have noticed select areas of fat that do not respond to weight loss efforts. Liposuction effectively removes these fat deposits.

Buttock lift: These days, bikinis leave nothing to the imagination. A buttock lift can restore a saggy, dimpled bottom to a pleasing, bikini-bottom-ready shape and contour.

Even though photos of bikini-clad celebrities abound this time of year, summertime is the season for everybody to get out on the beach, and we think you deserve to feel confident and to love your body, no matter what your beach attire.

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