Typically, it’s unwise to speculate about how plastic surgery may change your emotional and mental wellbeing. But every once and awhile, a study looks specifically at these non-physical outcomes of plastic surgery.

A recent study published in Clinical Psychological Science says plastic surgery patients may experience:

  • More joy in life
  • Higher sense of satisfaction
  • Greater self-esteem

The study subjects were about 550 people who had plastic surgery for the first time and about 260 people who had wanted plastic surgery for a long time but decided not to go through with it in the end.

The study compared those groups of people to 1,000 people who had no interest in plastic surgery.

Using a questionnaire before plastic surgery, the study authors determined none of the patients had unrealistic expectations, like expecting the procedure to solve all of their problems or make them completely new people.

The authors found the plastic surgery patients had higher self-esteem, felt less anxiety and felt generally healthier.

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