The healthcare system in Prague, Czechoslovakia is currently facing a crisis with fewer and fewer people joining the nursing force. Hospitals and private clinics alike have seen a 10% drop in the number of nursing applications in the last three months.

In order to encourage more people to nurse at hospitals and clinics, Czech hospitals are offering plastic surgery benefits. In a city like Prague, where beauty and youthfulness can be valued more than a car, the prospect of getting a facelift, tummy tuck, or breast implants is a huge perk for nursing staff.

In Czechoslovakia, cosmetic surgery is out of the question for most nurses because it is far outside their budget. Hospitals and clinics are finding that offering their nurses a free plastic surgery is like offering them more vacation time or a trip somewhere. A Dallas plastic surgery in this case is a one-time bonus that isn’t as costly as raising a nurse’s salary.

In the United States most plastic surgeons provide a variety of cosmetic surgery financing options. At The Cosmetic Surgical Center, we will work with you to make your cosmetic surgery affordable.

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