Most often, ear surgery (otoplasty) is done either to flatten the ears more against the head, or to reduce large ears. Less often, the cartilage curves might be modified. The ears are fully grown by the time a child is about five years old and this is one of the few cosmetic procedures performed on children.

In the interests of protecting the child from ridicule at school, many parents have otoplasty done when their children are between five and fourteen years old. Adults can have it done at any age.

It is an outpatient procedure and for adults and teens uses local anesthesia with a mild sedative to help with anxiety. For young children general anesthesia may be used. If it is not a complex case, the surgery takes between two and three hours.

Typically Dr. Rai makes one incision at the back of the ear where it joins the head, to gain access to the cartilage. He will then trim the cartilage, removing just enough to enable the ears to lie flatter against the head. He may reshape the cartilage contours using permanent stitches to hold it in place. In some cases he does not remove any cartilage but just stitches it into a new shape. Finally he will wrap the head in a soft dressing.

A headband may be worn for about two weeks to hold the ears in place as they heal. The scar will be well-hidden behind the ear. Otoplasty is one of the most risk-free cosmetic surgeries.

If you would like to bring your child for a consultation with Dr. Rai, please call or email our office. We will schedule a time for you to have him examine your child and answer your questions.