With the Sex and the City movie entering wide release today, it calls attention to some of the run-ins the various actresses have had with the question of cosmetic surgery.Playing the four lead characters of the series, these women are among the most commonly-cited celebrity role models for upper-middle-class white women in their 30s and above, also among the largest group of people considering cosmetic surgery.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw, has had some very harsh words for people who undergo plastic surgery, contrasting herself against women who in her words “Have big fake boobs, Botox and big lips,” with obvious contempt.Some rumors say that she has had rhinoplasty to improve the shape of her nose, but she has denied it.

Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha, has admitted to using Botox, and is thankful for such aids in combating the signs of aging, but believes that going farther than that is frightening, because it means putting her body under someone else’s control.And she also points out that at over 50 years of age she doesn’t want to try to look 20 or even 30, but is content to looking 40-something and aging gracefully.

Kristen Davis, the small brunette actress who plays Charlotte, has said that plastic surgery scares her because she is afraid she will not look like herself.She has also sworn off dieting and trying to look super-skinny.

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda has been silent on the subject of cosmetic surgery, partly because she is less commonly seen as a sex symbol and probably receives questions on the subject less often.However, she may also be silent on the subject as a result of her recent battle with breast cancer, in which she faced the very real possibility that she may lose her breasts and be forced to make a decision on breast reconstruction.

What these women say about plastic surgery is definitely important, because of their influence.They point out a number of significant concerns that every woman should consider before having surgery.If you are going to have plastic surgery, you find a cosmetic surgeon you can trust not only to keep you safe, but also to maintain your personal appearance so that you don’t look artificial.From breast augmentation to a facelift, any cosmetic surgery procedure can either look natural, or it can look fake, and you have to make a decision about what you want and find a surgeon who can give you that.

Some have pointed out that the criticism these and other naturally-beautiful women level at cosmetic surgery cannot help but seem a little hypocritical to women who are unhappy with their bodies. Ultimately the decision to have cosmetic surgery should be your own, and just as you should not get it to look like a celebrity or to please someone else, so you also should not avoid it just because someone else says it is not for them.

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