This time of year is often a good time to get plastic surgery to improve those problem areas. In many parts of the country, the weather outside is something less than pleasant and the days are shorter. Since you may not be tempted to spend much time outdoors this time of year, it may be the ideal time to take a week or two off for plastic surgery.

If you have opted for plastic surgery recently, a current RealSelf blog points to the importance of avoiding alcohol while you recover. The blog explains the tendency of alcohol to increase swelling, interact dangerously with painkillers and lead to other recovery obstacles. So even though it may be tempting to indulge at holiday parties, it is important to abstain from alcohol for a couple weeks before and after plastic surgery.

In addition to avoiding alcohol, we suggest some of the following measures to help you heal effectively:

  • Eat lean protein to support tissue healing. Fish, nuts and meat are good protein sources.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking makes it very difficult for your body to heal, including at the site of your incision. Your scars can be made dramatically more apparent and your risk of complications can be much greater if you choose to smoke during your plastic surgery recovery.
  • Follow all post-operative instructions, including medications to take and activity restrictions and requirements.

At the Cosmetic Surgical Center, we provide you will all the information and support you need to recover from plastic surgery successfully.

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