This is a special guest blog from a patient who had a tummy tuck last year. If you are curious about what getting tummy tuck surgery is like, read this! Then contact us for a consultation

Day 3 – Wow…every day becomes easier and easier.  Not many changes today, but I am feeling better as each day passes.

Day 4 – I had a few questions today…just about my exercise routine and the ointment I am using.  It was nice to send an email from my phone to the doctor’s office and get a quick reply back.  I’m still tired, so whatever is easiest works for me at this point.  I was told my exercise restrictions will be based upon my healing progress and that it will most likely be several weeks.  I’m not ready yet anyway, but wanted an idea.

Day 5 – I called the doctor’s office with my drainage log information.  Dr. Rai  said I can get the drains out today!  On my way now….

Day 6 – No more drains as of yesterday. They also took my staples out and put steri strips over the incision line.   I’m still numb, so I felt a little pressure and sting as they were both removed (I anticipated the worst, of course!) I feel great today!  I’m only bent over a little now.  My tightness in my tummy is still there and I’m a little tired.  I am feeling well on my way to recovery.  I’m ready for summer time!

Day 8 – I didn’t write yesterday.  There wasn’t much going on around here.  I’m relaxing and keeping my feet up.  ***** is back at work now, which is fine because I’m getting around pretty well.  I’ll make a journal entry when something changes.

Day 10 – I’m driving myself now and went back to work today!  I’m still careful not to stand on my feet for a long period of time or I notice swelling in my tummy.  I’m keeping myself confined to my desk as much as possible.

Day 14 – Feeling almost normal, just building my energy level back up at this point.   My Steri strips have fallen off and Dr. Rai said I can massage some lotion on the scar line now.