This is a special guest blog from a patient who had a tummy tuck last year. If you are curious about what getting tummy tuck surgery is like, read this! Then contact us for a consultation.

Day 21 – I started exercising again.  My energy level is improving.  I began having strange sensations around my scars.  It’s itchy, burning and tingly…like a crawling feeling.  I called the Dr. Rai and he said this was a normal part of the healing process.

1 month – Healing well.  Scar remains a little elevated and red in color.  I’m still having the weird sensations and numbness, but he said it will continue for up to a year.  I had my follow up yesterday and he said all looks good!  I finally went shopping.  It’s difficult to re-train my one-track mind.  I’ve always bought loose, flowing tops to hide the belly bulge. It’s a habit that I’m happy to break!

3 months – The scar is improving, now smoother.  I notice my stomach is looking more natural and my muscles are not uncomfortably tight.

1 year – Had my 1 year surgery follow up today.  I’m very happy with the result.  I wish I’d had this procedure 10 years ago!  It’s nice to be able to wear fitted tops again.  I’m building a new wardrobe now.  I’m excited about swimsuit season!  (I never thought I would say that.)  LOL

Next on the agenda….a breast lift!  I should have had it done with my tummy, but I was too “chicken” at the time.  They are so deflated I’m thinking implants would be nice too.  I’ll book my consult soon and write back when surgery time comes!