Dr. Rai, I feel like I am healing faster than the timeline you gave me. Everything has been excellent. The swelling has gone down a fair amount, I can already feel the bumpiness as you described and when I flex my pectorals I can see them all the way to the sternum. Thank you so much Dr. Rai. I waited twenty years for this and I have waited too long.! I first found your website months ago and researched you as best I could and felt very comfortable with you before even meeting you. You did a great job marketing yourself on your website, and not only that, but you did so honestly; as your bedside manner, and your genuineness with how you handle the provider/patient relationship could be felt not only on your website but also in your office when I met you.

We will be back next spring to visit my parents and we will contact you prior to flying over to set up a time for pictures. Also, if you desire a testimonial or anything of that nature, I’d be glad to help. I’ve been nothing but pleased.

Thanks again for doing a great job and words cannot express how much of a difference this has already make to me, not only in appearance with how others see me, but in how I see myself. I can’t begin to explain how hard this was for me growing up and also as an adult, especially when I was younger, thinner and muscular, but always had the saggy area around each nipple. I noticed early on how people always tried to catch a quick glance downwards when talking with me face to face, or how sometimes people would turn their heads when walking by to get a longer look because it didn’t quite look right and just stood out a little bit. This has been something that was emotionally hard for me for years and now it is gone.