A recent study indicates there may be a benefit to combining liposuction with a tummy tuck procedure. The author of the study, Dr. Carl W. Lentz, believes that liposuction may prevent seromas from forming after a tummy tuck.

A seroma is a collection of fluid that may form after a surgical procedure. The fluid (called serum) leaks from damaged blood and lymph vessels. Seromas should be avoided because they interfere with healing and recovery. After a tummy tuck, a drain is used for about a week after the procedure to prevent fluid buildup.

Dr. Lentz’s study consisted of 113 tummy tuck patients. Dr. Lentz used a longer incision and performed liposuction, which reduced damage to surrounding blood and lymph vessels, and improved blood flow to the incision area. Dr. Lentz also used tension sutures to tightly close the incision, which reduced the open space available for fluid collection.

About 8.8 percent of the patients in Dr. Lentz’s study developed a seroma, and four of the patients developed large seromas requiring a drain. The results of the study show a seroma rate comparable to tummy tuck procedures using a drain.

Before deciding if liposuction should be combined with your tummy tuck, Dr. Vasdev Rai must identify your unique needs. You may need to recover from one procedure before receiving the other, or you may benefit most from one or the other.

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