The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) is a not-for-profit organization that provides consumer and professional information and conducts meetings and conferences for cosmetic surgeons and others. Recently they did a large survey of cosmetic surgery procedures done in the U.S.

The survey found that despite the sagging economy, over 17 million procedures were performed in 2009. That is more than has ever been reported before in a single year. The survey included questions about both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Results showed that of the invasive procedures, those most popular over the past years are:

Dr. Rai at The Cosmetic Surgical Center offers these procedures and has extensive experience with them. Tummy tucks remove sagging skin from the abdomen, along with some fat just beneath the skin, and when your recovery period is over, you will have a slimmer silhouette with the scar hidden in the bikini line.

Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose in virtually any way you would like. You and Dr. Rai can discuss how best to reshape it to give your face better balance. If you have a deviated septum, that can also be corrected in the same procedure. Blepharoplasty removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids to give your eyes a more alert and rested appearance.

With the Boomers’ Help

The AACS noted that it is primarily the baby boomers who are causing the rise of cosmetic surgeries found in their survey.

Economists have commented in the effects of the boomer generation for years. Because it is such a large generation, they have stimulated the economy ever since they were babies. They started by promoting the diaper and baby food industries, then the children’s toys industry, and at each stage of their lives, they have expanded the corresponding industries until now they are promoting cosmetic surgery. As a group, they are unwilling to accept aging and are doing what they can to restore their youthful appearance.

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