Tummy tucks can be done with an endoscope to make them less invasive and easier to recover from. When you talk to Dr. Rai you can ask about having your tummy tuck done this way. It can be done if you are close to your ideal weight, have elasticity in your skin, and have only mild stretching or separation of the abdominal muscles.

What is an endoscope?

An endoscope is a tiny camera on the tip of a narrow tube. The tube can be inserted through a small incision and maneuvered beneath the skin. With the camera is a tiny light enabling the camera to send images to its computer. The tube has a channel through which surgical instruments can be inserted.

On the computer monitor, Dr. Rai can see magnified images of where the endoscope is, what needs to be done, and what he is actually doing. He will be able to tighten and suture the abdominal muscles through very small incisions.

Advantages of an endoscopic procedure

  • Small incisions — A traditional tummy tuck makes a long incision from hip to hip along the bikini line. Because the endoscope tube is narrow, only very small incisions are needed in an endoscopic procedure – about 3 millimeters. Several would be used.
  • Less visible scarring — Small incisions mean small scars and these will be well hidden at the pubis and inside the navel
  • Less bruising — Smaller incisions mean less trauma to the skin and tissue
  • Less bleeding — Smaller incisions cause less bleeding
  • Faster recovery — You can return to daily activities within a week or two, depending on the amount of work done and your body’s healing speed

To learn more about endoscopic tummy tucks and to have your questions answered, please call or email our office to arrange a personal consultation.