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Stem Cell Facelift causes Bone Growth around Womans Eye

Stem Cell Facelift causes Bone Growth around Womans Eye

Stem-cell-rich fat has recently become quite popular in cosmetic applications. The stem cell facelift is not like facelift surgery, but instead uses fat injections to rejuvenate your face using fat from your own body removed with liposuction. The idea is that the stem cells cause new, youthful skin cells to generate. One woman’s recent story […]

RealSelf says Butt Lift is among Top Procedures of 2012

Interest in buttock lifts seems to be increasing, according to the review site RealSelf. In its year-end trend review, RealSelf found searches on their site for buttock augmentation and lifts increased by 28 percent compared to 2011. The trend report is based on searches performed on RealSelf over the course of 2012, about 52 million […]

Improved Quality of Life after Excess Skin Removal

A recent study examined the quality-of-life outcomes of bariatric patients who received body contouring procedures after weight loss. The study was relatively small, including only 33 patients. All 33 underwent body contouring after weight-loss surgery. Many of the patients had tummy tucks or breast surgery. Throughout the seven years following surgery, the patients were asked […]

The Effect of Aging on your Neck and Chin

A sharp, firm neckline is one of the cardinal features of youth. As we reach our 40s and 50s, the angle formed by the chin and neck begins to widen and droop, changing the youthful right angle to a sagging turkey neck or wattle. W Magazine addressed this particular sign of aging in an article […]

You will still look Younger Five Years after a Facelift

“How long will my facelift results last?” The question above is a common one we are asked by our patients interested in facelift surgery. A new study published in this month’s issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery sought to answer that question using a combination of objective and subjective measurements. The researchers say five years […]

Take Time to Treat your Body Right after Plastic Surgery

This time of year is often a good time to get plastic surgery to improve those problem areas. In many parts of the country, the weather outside is something less than pleasant and the days are shorter. Since you may not be tempted to spend much time outdoors this time of year, it may be […]

Vogue Notes the Dramatic Results Possible with Liposuction

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), the October issue of Vogue includes a piece about body-sculpting technologies like CoolSculpting and Liposonix. Technologies like these are designed to slim body contours non-surgically, using ultrasound energy, freezing or other methods. According to ASAPS, the Vogue piece describes the various benefits of these technologies, […]

Rise in Mother-Daughter Duos getting Plastic Surgery

It seems many mothers and daughters are making the joint decision to receive plastic surgery. For example, a mom in her 50s who wants to get rid of the dreaded turkey neck may discover her 30-year-old daughter is interested in a mommy makeover, and so together they make the decision. ABC News recently did a […]

Women Find New Way to Finance Breast Augmentation

According to My FOX Houston, some women are coming up with questionable ways of raising money for breast implants. According to FOX, some women are turning to a website that hooks up women seeking breast implants with “benefactors.” On MyFreeImplants.com, women age 18 and older can create a user profile. Then, much like Facebook, people […]

Holiday Season may be the Right Time for a Facelift

With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, it’s a good time to re-consider the facelift you have been thinking about. You may be seeing friends and family you haven’t seen for a year or longer, and it’s not uncommon to notice how much people have aged during that time. A facelift lets you set back […]