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What is KYBELLA?

Chemically KYBELLA is deoxycholic acid. It works by reducing cell membrane of fat cells causing fat reduction. KYBELLA is presently approved for reducing submental fullness (double chin) by reduction of fat in the area of double chin.

How is KYBELLA treatment administered?

KYBELLA injection treatment is an out patient procedure. Sometimes local anesthesia is injected for patient comfort in addition to ice packs applied to treatment area. KYBELLA is injected at multiple spots into fat pocket of double chin. Fat cell destruction happens immediately.

Ice is applied to treated area to reduce pain and swelling. Patient goes home on mild pain medication. Ice is helpful on the day of treatment. Mild pain medication like Advil or Tylenol may be needed for next 2-3 days for comfort

How long does KYBELLA treatment takes to work?

Although fat cell destruction is immediate it takes 4-6 weeks to see the effect from treatment. Injection is followed by inflammation and swelling in the injected areas. It takes 7-10 days for swelling to subside. Submental fullness keeps on diminishing for 4-6 weeks. However it is not completely gone. Subsequent treatments are always necessary. Most patients will need three treatments. However some may require more treatments.

What are side effects of KYBELLA:

Local pain, redness, swelling in injection area is to be expected. Rarely nerve damage and difficulty in swallowing is reported with KYBELLA.

Where does KYBELLA treatments fit in grand scheme of available options for treatment of double chin:

Surgical option of liposuction of submental fat is one time surgical procedure to treat double chin.

KYBELLA is suitable alternative for those who are absolutely opposed to surgery. Multiple KYBELLA treatments can actually cost more than liposuction of neck. Patient’s own preferences are ultimately the deciding factor in making choice between surgical and injection treatment of double chin.