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Body Symmetry Important Factor in Attractiveness

Body Symmetry Important Factor in Attractiveness

Researchers from Brunel University have extended findings about facial aesthetics to apply to the shape of the body as well.According to researchers, human beings find symmetry in the body as important to attractiveness as symmetry in the face.The work suggests that people do not detect symmetry directly, but key into features of the anatomy that […]

Return of Classic Style Puts Emphasis on Hips Lips this Fall

Looking at the runway fashions being exhibited for the fall, there are two very interesting new (or shall we say old?) trends popping up.This fall, the tailoring technique known as the belle curve is making a comeback.The belle curve is a contour in women’s clothes designed to accentuate the waist and hips and give a […]

When a Facelift Is the Right Choice

Cosmetic technology is constantly increasing, and some of the new innovations seem to take the world by storm, such as Botox┬« Cosmetic, facial fillers like Restylane┬« or Radiesse┬«, and laser treatments. You may think that the facelift has been replaced, like the whalebone corset replaced by Lycra undergarments.But you would be mistaken. Cosmetic treatments are […]

Summer Fashions Conceal Some Flaws, but Others . . .

Summer is the time of year that all women dread as forcing them to expose all their flaws.However, there are a number of fashions that can allow a woman to avoid showing the world her particular flaws. If you have varicose veins, cellulite, or fatty ankles, the maxi dress is a good solution.With its long […]

Body Contouring Risks Related to BMI

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published a study in the July/August issue of its organ Aesthetic Surgery Journal that showed that the risk a patient incurs during body contouring procedures is strongly related to the patient’s body mass index (BMI). In a retrospective review of 129 patients who underwent a single body contouring […]

Understanding Beauty Types

There are a number of interesting theories about beauty, and, although none of them are “authoritative,” they can all be useful for conceptualizing your cosmetic surgery by design.Theories of beauty typically group characteristics together in ways that are pleasing to the eye, but not necessarily identical. One theory utilizes four different types of beauty, based […]

Study Shows Women Wear Damaging Bras Because of Social Stigma

The most recent study by University of Portsmouth bra researchers, technically known as the breast biomechanics team, includes something old and something new. On the old side, researchers reconfirmed that as many as 90 % of women wear the wrong bra, and that poor support could lead to the ligaments in the breasts being stretched.During […]

Women Accept Silicone Breast Implants after Moratorium

It seems impossible that the Food and Drug Administration would pull a device from the market because of grave health concerns, then, fifteen years later, to allow the same device back on the market with only limited restrictions, but that is exactly what happened with silicone breast implants.From cancer to fibromyalgia, silicone breast implants had […]

What Is a Partial Abdominoplasty?

Partial abdominoplasty, also known as a mini tummy tuck, is a significantly different procedure from the normal abdominoplasty, requiring much less time to perform and to recover from. In a full abdominoplasty, a long incision is made from hip to hip above the pubic area, but low enough on the abdomen so that any resulting […]

Are the Best Breasts Augmented or Natural?