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Free Fat Grafting with Liposuction: You Get Less Than You Pay for

Around the country, discount plastic surgery practices are offering a new incentive: free fat grafting with liposuction treatment. We aren’t aware of any practices offering this in the Dallas-Fort Worth area yet, but we want to head it off before it starts. There are many reasons to approach an offer like this skeptically. Fat grafting […]

Get Rid of Saddlebags

For some women, saddlebags are a constant source of self-consciousness. Sometimes called a saddlebag deformity, women with this condition store a disproportionate amount of fat below their hips on their outer thighs. This prevents them from having a smoothly defined hourglass figure where the leg begins to taper after the hips. In many clothes, the […]

Timing Plastic Surgery for Your Wedding

If you are like a lot of women and considering plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure to look your best for a wedding, it’s important that you get the timing right. After all, most procedures have a recovery period when you will not yet be enjoying your final results. During this period, you may also not […]

New Research Refines Notions of Female Attractiveness

We had looked a few months ago at research showing men focused on women’s breasts more than any other feature when asked to determine attractiveness. One problem with the research, we said, was that it didn’t compare front-posed and back-posed images. Now a new study has rectified that weakness. In a new study published in […]

Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction by Liposuction

At first glance, breast reduction using liposuction alone seems like a good idea. Traditional breast reduction requires significant incisions in the breast, which ends up leaving long scars on the reduced breasts, whereas liposuction would allow breast reduction with only minimal scarring. The procedure could be performed more quickly and easily than traditional surgery. The […]

CoolSculpting: Its Approved, but Is It Effective?

In September 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the CoolSculpting device (manufactured by Zeltiq) for the nonsurgical reduction of fat. Although the FDA has not approved labeling for the device yet, its manufacturers are advertising that the FDA approved claims that it reduces fat by up to 20% in treated areas. They also […]

Cryolipolysis™ for Fat Reduction?

In Europe and Canada, there is a device to reduce fatty tissue by freezing fat cells. In the U.S., this device is currently FDA-approved only for skin cooling, but a company called Zeltiq™ is working to get approval for fat removal. Zeltiq is based in Pleasanton, CA and operates worldwide. How Cryolipolysis Works Body cells […]

An FDA Campaign Against Fat-Melting Injections

The FDA has begun a crack-down on a procedure offered by some plastic surgeons called Lipodissolve. It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. A chemical is injected to dissolve fatty tissue in relatively small areas, usually in the arms, legs or abdomen – love handles, saddle bags and muffin tops, for example. These injections are […]

Look Natural After Your Cosmetic Surgery

In Irish news this week, poll results report that 55 percent of the women polled would like to alter the shape or size of their breasts. The survey was a small one, done to celebrate a new chat show in Irish Information TV called MyFaceMyBody. It also reported that 42 percent of women polled would […]

A New Alternative to Liposuction

When we gain weight, our fat cells are increasing in size to hold the extra fat. For the most part, we do not grow any new fat cells once we are adult. A new cosmetic surgery treatment is based on this fact. If there is increased fat cell size in the subcutaneous fat layer (just […]